Specialised translations:

It is only possible to produce high-quality translations by having a thorough understanding of the material needing translating. This is why specialisation is the key. I only accept orders if I know I am able to meet this requirement.

My areas of specialisation are:

  • Legal translations, e.g.
    • expert opinions; legal actions; pleadings; judgments; contracts, etc.
  • Business translations, e.g.
    • annual reports; sustainability reports; corporate guidelines; works agreements, etc.

Sworn and certified translations:

Sworn and certified translations are legal documents that are often needed for documents issued in a foreign language to be recognised by the authorities.

Such documents might be one of the following:

  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of nationality
  • Grant of probate
  • Divorce decree

Simply contact me to discuss your needs at office@swornandcertified.at or call me on +43 664 449 1124.

Additional information:

In Austria (and most continental European countries), there is a system of sworn translators and interpreters in place who are appointed by the courts. They usually have to have professional qualifications and some years of experience before being able to take an exam and become what is known in Austria as a sworn and court-certified interpreter. The UK (and numerous other countries with common law legal systems), in contrast, has no such system of sworn translators and interpreters and instead relies on a system of self-certification by members of professional bodies (such as the Chartered Institute of Linguists).